About BW Employee Wellness

BW Employee Wellness
Jackie Rodriguez, Health Promotion Director
Caite Lenahan, LHE Graduate Intern

Our Vision: Help everyone to be as well as they can be!


Our Mission: To create and sustain a culture of well-being that supports personal growth and vitality through a strong community.

Well-being is much more than merely physical health, exercise or nutrition. As a pathway to optimal living, it is the full integration of mind, body and spirit. The holistic model used by our campus was developed by Dr. Bill Hettler, co-founder of the National Wellness Institute (NWI) and includes social, emotional, spiritual, occupational, intellectual and physical well-being. Each of these six dimensions act and interact in a way that contributes to our own quality of life.​

Jackie Rodriguez

Title: Health Promotion Director

Department: Employee Wellness

Activities: Spending Time Moving Over the Earth, Being with Family and Friends, Travel, Cooking and Being Creative


Caite Lenahan

Title: LHE Graduate Intern

Department: Employee Wellness

Activities: Hiking, Visiting the Zoo/Aquarium, Michigan State/Notre Dame Football, Board Games, Painting, Singing, Playing Piano, Spending Time with Friends/Family

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Wellness Advisory Council


Rob Becker

Title: Director of Campus Recreation & Athletic Facilities

Department: Campus Recreation & Athletics

Activities: Beach, Concerts, Football, Outdoors, and Traveling


Barb Caskey

Title: Administrative Assistant for Undergraduate Programs

Department: School of Business

Activities: Paddleboarding, Kayaking, Waterskiing, Swimming, Water Aerobics, Walking, Biking, Zumba


Barbie Chapin

Title: Administrative Specialist

Department: Psychology, Sociology,

& Criminal Justice

Activities: Traveling (especially cruises), Baking, Yoga, Special Event Planning, Exploring Cleveland with Family and Friends, and Cheering on our Tribe, Cavs, & Browns!


Cindy Gornik

Title: Administrative Assistant

Department: Campus Recreation

Activities: Plant Lover (House Plants and Outdoor Gardening), Theatre, Visiting Antique Shops, Flea Markets, and Art Festivals, Target Practice at an Outdoor Gun Range (however, not a gun owner), Spending Time with my Family


Jami Lercher

Title: Assistant Professor of

Choral Music Education

Department: Conservatory of Music

Activities: Exploring Outdoors, Gardening, Cooking, Reading, ZUMBA!!!, Composing, Collecting Pokémon with my Family, Traveling


Andi Lyons

Title: Associate Professor

Department: Sport Management/ Hospitality and Tourism Management

Activities: Walking, Running, Group Fitness Classes (Zumba & Turbo Kick), Traveling to Sports Venues, Cookouts, and Laughing with Family and Friends


Shane Morehouse

Title: Director of Client Services

Department: Information Technology

Activities: Hiking, Dog Training, Home Renovations, Motorcycling, Spending Time with Family and Friends

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Tim Morrison

Title: LHE Graduate Intern

Department: Conservatory of Music

Activities: Being with my Three Amazing Kids! Trying New Restaurants in the Cleveland Area, Going to the Theater, and Traveling as much as I possibly can! 50 states and 18 countries down... so much more to go! 


Nick Plumb

Title: Groundskeeper

Department: Buildings & Grounds

Activities: Enjoy Running, Playing with my Two Kids, Walking my Two Beagles, Playing Softball and Basketball


Sara Schimelpfenig

Title: Administrative Assistant

Department: Allied Health, Sport & Wellness

Activities: I Love my Dogs, Reading, Bicycling, Camping, and Playing/Teaching Violin


Jeremy Short

Title: Cheif Talent Officer

Department: Human Resources


Jeannie Vassanelli

Title: Catering Manager

Department: Dining Services