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Be inspired and join colleagues as they share their travel wisdom, photos, resources, and stories via Zoom all semester long. 

Westward Ho! Taking Amtrak to the West Coast & Back

Thursday, Feb 2nd from 12-1pm

Join Susan Walton as she presents from her time visiting the West Coast via Amtrack. On her19 day trip, she visited National Parks in Washington,

Oregon and California!

Susan Walton

Crater Lake.png
Image by Paul Pastourmatzis

Living, Working, and Studying in Austria

Tuesday, Feb 7th from 12-1pm

Join James Garrison as he talks about his experiences such as living, working, and studying in Austria!

James Garrison

Citrus Fruits

Scenic Wonders
of Iceland

Weds., Feb. 15th from 12-1pm

Join Terry Martin as he presents stories and photos from his 7-week trip to Iceland! 

Terry Martin


Image by Nicolas J Leclercq

Namibia & South Africa: Landscapes
& Wildlife

Weds., Feb 22nd from 12-1pm

Join Michael Melampy as he presents his experiences and photos from Namibia and South Africa!

Michael Melampy

Hiking Namsan

Monday, February 27th from 12-1pm

Join Carl Sobocinskias as he tells his story of his life overseas in one form or another: as a student, in the military, history research trips, and teaching in Korea. There are a lot of things he could say about Korea, but in particular there's a story he tells in class about his time hiking around the mountains near the city of Gyeongju, which was the capital of an ancient Korean kingdom. 

Carl Sobocinski


11.  Namsan.JPG
Image by La So

Opera in Italy

Monday, March 20th from 12-1pm

Join Caite Lenahan as she presents from her time performing in Italy. She spent a fair amount of time in both small and large towns and has a few fun stories. Join Caite as she shares what it was like to live for an extended period in a "non-tourist" area, performing experience, traveling around mid-Italy (Perugia, Marche regions), etc.!

Caite Lenahan

Italian Streets
San Francisco
NYC Skyline BW

Is NYC Still on Your List?

Thursday, March 16th from 12-1pm

Join Lisa Judge as she presents an orientation / myth dispeller / warm up to the idea of going to NYC for the first time. She has made 11 trips, including 7 for BW, leading former BWMT Showcase tours for alumni! 

Lisa Judge 

Image by Unseen Histories
Image by Unseen Histories

A Civil Rights Journey through the South in the Age of Covid

Thursday, March 23rd from 12-1pm

Join Tom Sutton as he discusses about the South/civil rights tour him and his wife took in February, 2021.  (Atlanta, Selma, Montgomery, Birmingham, Jackson, New Orleans)

Tom Sutton

Finding Your
National Park

Tuesday, March 28th from 2-4pm

Join Matt Webb as he presents stories and photos from visiting all 50 state capitols and almost 100 national parks! "love talking about the places I've been and how diverse the National Park sites are; whether people are interested in nature, history, geology, outdoor activities, etc...there really is a park for everyone!" 

Matt Webb

Conservatory of Music

Gosau,  Upper Austria/Austria
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